Join Zeleboba and friends on our moon mission!

Zeleboba is aiming to be the next memecoin sensation in crypto – think $Doge or $Shib! We are building an awesome community of meme degens and crypto enthusiasts.

Our mission is to build a strong token and community, or in the words of crypto lovers, “MOON”.

Our low tax on buys and sells are used to fuel liquidity and our ZeleTools and fund further marketing and development. The Zeleboba core team has years of combined experience in crypto. Join us as we embark on this fun journey into crypto history…TO THE MOON!

Telegram – English

A Next Level Meme Project

Zeleboba is on Arbitrum and able to be purchased using ETH or WETH. We chose ARB for its increasing popularity, ease of use and low gas fees. If you’ve never traded on the Arbitrum network, check out this write up – Zeleboba: How To Trade On Arbitrum or Watch – How To Buy Zeleboba On Arbitrum

Contract: 0xf0D43f46Cea02bBb5E616bF6d795D4f8719cD80d
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Burned: Coming Soon!


  • 3% Buy (1% Marketing, 1% Liquidity, 1% Affiliate Rewards
  • 5% Sell (2% Marketing, 1% Liquidity, 1% Affiliate Rewards, 1% ZeleFX)

There are a ton of incentives for joining the $ZELEBOBA community and holding the token including, prizes, rewards, shill competitions, random giveaways, upcoming NFTs, airdrops, gifts, burns and more. Read our litepaper or join our Telegram channel or follow us on X to learn more. Telegram – English – Zeleboba Articles

$ZELEBOBA Moon Mission Map

We’re taking a different approach. We’re committed to having fun and working hard. Our project milestones are ongoing.



  • Relaunch on Arbitrum
  • Continue to Migrate BSC Holders
  • Update DexTools
  • Grow TG Community
  • X (Twitter) Engagement Bot
  • Giveaways & Collaborations
  • Marketing


  • Reapply for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Grow TG Community
  • Launch NFT Collection
  • ZeleTools – Trading Bot, Swap, ZeleFX Funding
  • Giveaways & Collaborations
  • Marketing



  • Grow Community
  • NFT Holder Revenue Airdrop
  • Website Rebrand
  • ZeleTools – Bot Development, ZeleFX Funding
  • Global Marketing


  • Grow Community
  • ZeleMedia Development
  • ZeleTools – Secret Project

ZeleToolsA Meme with Utility

Zeleboba is a different kind of meme coin. Most meme coins fade after initial hype, but we’re planning much more for $ZELEBOBA and the Zeleboba community.

We look for innovative ways to generate revenue for growth without selling $ZELEBOBA tokens. We call these revenue generators, ZeleTools.

ZeleFX, our automated Forex trading bot, collects weekly profits from trades. These profits are used to support development and marketing for the $ZELEBOBA token. The profit-generating power of ZeleFX is available in limited geographical locations through copy trading. For a minimum investment of $300 USD, participants earn a proportional share of ZeleFX’s potential profits.

ZELEFX: Forex Trading Bot – Live!

Meet the $ZELE Team


Entrepreneur | Crypto Enthusiast | Visual Artist | Developer of $ZELEBOBA

Freddie Mercury

Crypto Enthusiast | Strategists | Partnerships


MS Computer Science | 15 yrs Software Dev |
5 yrs FinTech | 3 yrs Team Lead Experience


MA Educational Leadership
Strategists | Communications